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It was a rough night at the table. A few bad beats had left his chip stack crippled. He was now back to playing tight and only in position - the table took note. After several consecutive pre-flop folds, he was dealt pocket rockets. Instead of raising, he decided to limp in. Limping aces is typically frowned upon in modern poker theory, but he had a gut feeling the person to his left was going to raise. His old school read worked. He shoved all-in on the pre-flop aggressor, got called off, and luckily stole the pot. He was back.

This is why we play. 


The VV Family

"NGM x SBG x LNII x JC x LM x EL x LA x GM"


“They wear their tells like signs around their necks. Facial tics, nervous fingers. A hand over a mouth. The way a cigarette is smoked. Little unconscious gestures that reveal the cards in their hands. We catch everything. If a fish acts strong, he's bluffing. If he acts meek, he's got a hand. It's that simple.”

- Mike Dermott, Rounders (1998)


“In Vegas, everybody's gotta watch everybody else. Since the players are looking to beat the casino, the dealers are watching the players. The box men are watching the dealers. The floor men are watching the box men. The pit bosses are watching the floor men. The shift bosses are watching the pit bosses. The casino manager is watching the shift bosses. I'm watching the casino manager. And the eye-in-the-sky is watching us all.

- Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein, Casino (1995)


“How the hell did you know I didn't have THE KING or THE ACE?”

“I recollect a young man putting the same question to Eddie the Dude . ‘Son,’ Eddie told him, ‘all you paid was the looking price.  Lessons are extra.’”

-Slade // Lancey Howard, The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

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